In C#, comments play a crucial role in making code more readable and providing explanations. The C# comments are statements that are not executed by the compiler. Let’s explore the different types of comments you can use in C#:

Single-line Comments:

Single-line comments start with // (double forward slashes).

//This method is designed to display text and then move the cursor to the next line
Console.WriteLine("Hello Estudy 24|7!");
//****** Getting Numeric Input ******

Console.WriteLine("Enter your age:");

//Type your age and press enter
string ageInput = Console.ReadLine();

int age = Convert.ToInt32(ageInput); // Convert the string to an integer
Console.WriteLine("Your age is: " + age);

Multi-line Comments:

Multi-line comments start with /* and end with */.

/*This method is designed to display text - Hello Wolrds!,
and move the cursor to the next line*/
Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");

Best Practices for Comments:

  • Code snippets that are hard to understand or need clarification should include comments.
  • Comments should be simple and precise, describing what the code does.
  • Maintain a professional tone and avoid rudeness in your comments

It’s important to add comments to the website code for readability and context.

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