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In C#, you can use the Console.ReadLine() method to get user input. Let’s explore how to do that:

Getting a String Input​:

To read a line of text from the user, use Console.ReadLine(). It returns the input as a string.
Console.WriteLine("Enter your name:");

//Type your name and press enter
string nameInput = Console.ReadLine();

Console.WriteLine("Hello, " + nameInput + "!"); // Prints the user's name

Getting Numeric Input:

If you need to obtain a numeric input, such as an integer, you must convert the string input to the desired data type.
Console.WriteLine("Enter your age:");

//Type your age and press enter
string ageInput = Console.ReadLine();

int age = Convert.ToInt32(ageInput); // Convert the string to an integer

Console.WriteLine("Your age is: " + age);


There are two primary methods for displaying text and results in the console:
1. Console.WriteLine()
This method prints text followed by a newline character (moves to the next line).
Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");

Hello World!

2. Console.Write()
Similar to WriteLine() but without inserting a new line at the end of the output.
Console.Write("Hello Estudy247! ");
Console.Write("I would like to print the text on the same line.");

Hello Estudy247! I would like to print the text on the same line.

Difference Between WriteLine() and Write()

The main difference between these methods is that:
  • WriteLine() prints the string provided and moves to the start of the next line.
  • Write() only prints the string without adding a newline.

You may download the source code from the course repository on GitHub –

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