BizTalk Map Error- Map Contains a Reference


“Exception Caught: The map contains a reference to a schema node that is not valid.  Perhaps the schema has changed.  Try reloading the map in the BizTalk Mapper.  The XSD XPath of the node is: /*[local-name()='<Schema>’]/*[local-name()=’SchemaRootNode’]/*[local-name()=’YourSchemaRecord]/*[local-name()=’YourSchemaElement’]”


When working on multiple projects such as schema, map, and orchestration, it’s possible to encounter an error while testing a map that belongs to a schema project in the Visual Studio solution.

This error can be resolved easily by right-clicking on the solution and selecting “Build” before testing the map. Once the solution is built, you should be able to test your map without encountering the aforementioned error.

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